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"Aggy is the go-to platform for agricultural knowledge, helping farmers achieve their goals and help drive the world to a sustainable future"

Farmers at the center

Aggy’s mission is to support the farmer

When developing the Aggy idea and talking to farmers across the globe, it became clear that farmers deeply care about their farming business. However, farming is surrounded by lots of uncertainty. And by uncertainty we are not only referring to the weather. Lots of farmers have questions connected to technology, prices, regulation, production footprint, sustainability, crop selection and protection, etc..

We also learned that no matter what the question or need, there is almost always someone out there in the world that can give the answer. Or at least can help out.

It is just about getting into contact, and finding that knowledgeable and trustworthy partner. In the end we believe that finding answers, and transferring knowledge means better results for the farmer. Thus better results for you, and a sustainable future for all. 

Aggy's promise

Independent platform

Aggy offers farmers an online, independent platform designed to help farmers operate in a more efficient and sustainable way and give them access to the knowledge and services they need.

Knowledge & services

Aggy facilitates the creation and exchange of knowledge and services between farmers and farmers; or farmers and experts like universities, industry experts, trading and food processing companies or input producers.

Build a community

Aggy allows farmers to build their own community and grow their network in a trusted and independent environment.

Aggy needs you!

Aggy is still a concept, it was started by a team of ING employees during a competition for new ideas, and we are working with farmers like you to make it real.

Everything has a start. Like with a new crop a seed has to be planted, new knowledge starts with a question.

Join the Aggy farmers community and check out the trial-launch of Aggy.  Share with Aggy any questions, concerns or interests, see what is on the mind of fellow farmers and perhaps you can already help others with your knowledge and experience